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A mash-up of how-to, humor, memoir, and self-help. Some call it a love story.


Book Description

"Zen (and Rage) and the Art of a Never-Ending Home Renovation is Marcia Formica's first, and perhaps forever only book. It's a humorous and sometimes harrowing account of surviving and even thriving through a decade-long home renovation project co-produced with her husband. This is the story of the monumental project they undertook to morph their adorable little colonial reproduction home into an energy-efficient, sustainability-minded house over twice the size in just over three times the original timeframe––with almost no lasting loss of sanity.

Marcia's vivid, deeply self-aware, portrait of marriage and resiliency, Zen and Rage, family and friendship, is by turns poignant and funny––and sometimes both at once. It's down-to-earth and relatable, even if you don't have a spouse with the talents of her husband.

Part memoir, part how-to, and part self-help, with consistent doses of humor, this guide will teach you much about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of energy-efficient home renovation, and even a few pointers for fostering your own Zen when your world is full of chaos.” 

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Take a sneak peek at some photos from the project!

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Marcia is an evolving experiment in self-actualization. After a corporate career of over 31 years, she ditched her suits and pumps and tumbled into her “why” in the fall of 2018...

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