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Project Photos

A collection of albums from the different phases of the renovation.

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1  Early Days: Garage Mahal

Taken circa 2007-2008, here are just a few shots of the very first part of this project, the demolition of our old, two-car garage, and its shiny new replacement, which I affectionately dubbed, "The Garage Mahal."

Our "demo" happened in two parts. First came what was needed in order to pour the foundation and slab for the addition. That was in 2010. Part two followed in May of 2011 when we dismantled the entire second story of our original house in order to make way for the new structure. That left us living solely in the first floor and basement area of the original house, a space which I came to call "the shoebox." There we remained until the work was far enough along, several years later, that we could break through the exterior walls of the original house and begin to integrate the spaces.

2  Demolition

A brief, but intense (and very rainy, and muddy) period in our journey, March and April, 2010.

3  Foundation