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Writer, Spouse, and Sustainability Evangelist

About the Author

Marcia is an evolving experiment in self-actualization. After a corporate career of over 31 years, she ditched her suits and pumps and tumbled into her “why” in the fall of 2018, driven by the responsibility of caring for her parents. She always enjoyed writing, and had been toying with the idea of a humorous chronicling of the challenges and triumphs of her (and her husband Tim’s) ongoing home renovation almost from the time it began. When a long-time friend independently suggested the same thing in 2017, she began to outline it, but didn’t have the time to pursue it in earnest. In late 2018, however, her “career change” created a space in which she could begin to write with more focus.

Not long after that, she added to her writing endeavors by launching a blog to talk about her experiences with her parents’ dementia care with an honesty and perspective she hopes will help others in similar situations. She also began blogging about the ongoing renovation projects beyond what she had outlined for the book, among other interests. (You can find those blogs and subscribe for updates below!)

While the vast majority of the significant renovation projects on the house are complete, as any homeowner knows, there’s always more to do. For Marcia, when she isn’t managing her parents’ care, much of her energy is now focused outdoors, working on sustainable and native-species-focused landscaping and gardening. She plans to continue to capture her efforts in her blog, and does have a few more “brick and mortar” projects on the house up her sleeve, too, so stay tuned.

In her ongoing efforts to maintain her Zen and her sanity, she continues to practice yoga and meditation. For fun and profit, she is a practitioner of value investing and disciplined trading strategies. She’s been on the adventure of marriage to Tim since 1993. They aren’t beautiful. They aren’t rich. They swear. A lot. They have two (arguably) grown sons, James and Owen, and the best friends and family she could ever have imagined for herself.

Welcome to my Blog: Fire Over Fifty

The purpose of this site is to inspire, entertain, and inform in a few areas of focus which have shoved their way to the center of my attention as I’ve evolved further into mid-life. I suspect I’m not alone, so why not share? (I leave the definition of “mid-life” to the reader!) These are my stories and thoughts: of frustration, perseverance, and perspective, gained through the love and humor of the everyday.

"I suspect I'm not
alone, so why not share?"

Zen and Rage

and the Art of a Never-Ending Home Renovation


“Part memoir, part how-to, and part self-help, with consistent doses of humor, this guide will teach you much about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of energy-efficient home renovation, and even a few pointers for fostering your own Zen when your world is full of chaos.”

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